We offer regular ties, extra-long (XL) ties in both four-in-hand and zipper ties in both woven silk and woven micro fiber fabrics.  We have produced men's neckties since 1964 and have always stressed premium quality and service.


With our wide range of patterns, prints, neats, fancies, stripes, allovers, plaids, solids,  and fabrics, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for.


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Woven Silk ties

Woven Silk ties are made from the highest premium quality silk yarn available with the traditional handcrafted construction.  They are available in regular and XL lengths.

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Silk Printed ties

The Silk Printed ties are made from a premium quality of jacquard and twill gray silk goods.  Presently, only the traditional neat in four colorways and the USA Flag design are available.

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27194 Reg. tie

USA Flag tie

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Micro Fiber ties

Micro Fiber ties are made from the finest micro fiber yard available.  This yarn is a synthetic yarn which is processed into a very small yarn which similates the silk yarn.   When this yarn is used to manufacture cloth for neckties, the resulting fabric has the look and feel of real silk.   When ties are made from this fabric, they have the luxurious hand feel of silk but with a greater durability and a more economical pricing.  The micro fiber ties are available in regular and XL four-in-hand ties, and in the regular and XL zipper ties.

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Zipper ties

The Zippit name is the brand of our zipper ties and has become known as the leading pretied neckwear.  The Zippit tie is pretied with a loop that is placed over the head and under the collar and the knot is then pushed up just like a regular tie.  The knot rides on a zipper which is covered with the same fabric as the tie.  The knot has a locking lever which keeps it in place.  The Zippit ties are available in the regular and extra lengths.

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26345RD Reg. Zip tie

Red,Grey,Blue,Gold,Silver neat design

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You can make payment by going through the check out procedure through Paypal as a Paypal account or as a guess using your credit card.  Or, after placing your order, you can "X" out of the website and separately email us your credit card information to salemneckwear@triadbiz.rr.com.  You may also call us at 800 234 8437 to give us your credit card information.

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For orders of several ties alike, you may call us at 800 234 8437 to vertify inventory.  We also sell to groups such as choirs and gospel groups.

The Pink Tie Society

To purchase a pink tie and support cancer research, go to www.thepinktiesociety.org to purchase a pink tie and/or make a donation for cancer research.